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A chafing dish is a form of indirect heat stove which uses chafing fuel to heat a large shallow pan of water which subsequently heats a pan of food above. Chafing dishes are perfect for heating food during buffet display. With small, portable containers of fuel available with burn times of two to six hours, chafing dishes provide an affordable, convenient and portable way of heating food.

Our chafers are perfect for more permanent buffet installations and remove the potential hazard of burning spirit-based fuel. All chafing dishes (or chafers for short) have three main elements; a frame, a water pan and a cover/lid. Regardless of the type or size, chafing dishes use water as a medium to transfer heat from the heat source.

Chafers should not be used for cooking food, they are meant to keep food hot or warm. For best results, heat the food in an oven and use the chafer to keep the food warm.

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